Texas Hill Country: Alex & Alex

This past week I got a text from a friend that recently got engaged telling me to take a look at a place called Muleshoe Bend. You see, we have been waiting on the bluebonnets to bloom since she got engaged to go take some pictures because there is just nothing quite like Texas spring time. Well if you Google Muleshoe Bend, all you see are fields of bluebonnets. I was completely on board. So we proceed to send each other excited gifs and make plans to grab a picnic with our better halfs + take some engagement pictures while we are out there. 

Well, we took quite the adventure to get out to this park because we accidentally ended up on the wrong side of Lake Travis (oops). But the Texas hill country views were great and we were enjoying some great conversations with the four of us just catching up on life. When we finally made it to the park, the park attendant promptly told us that the bluebonnets weren't really out in full bloom yet and we should come back in a week and a half. But the four of us are always up for a new adventure so we decided to check it out anyways and at least enjoy a picnic by the lake. 

Let me tell you, It was 100% worth it. One, it was gorgeous with or without bluebonnets. Two, we had a lovely evening picnic and were able to capture their spirit for adventure and love for one another. Three, we found a great spot to camp an hour from the city. I would highly recommend it. I hope you enjoy the images we were able to capture. 

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