Riverwalk Engagement: Nicole & Michael

We had been trying to get her to turn around for a solid 10 minutes to give him space to drop to one knee but were having very little success. At this point the ring box was in his pocket so we knew he did not have much time before his future fiancé figured out what he was up to. It was supposed to be a nice 70-degree spring day in Austin but turned into a day of overcast skies and the wind off the water was very brisk. We made the most of it though as we walked down the river, everyone but her knowing what was coming. Finally there was a break in the trees and either the ducks or the library got her to turn around. In that moment he slowly put his jean-covered knee on the chilly concrete. She turned around and her mouth dropped wide open confirming that he had pulled it off. The best surprise of her life. It took a solid 10 seconds for her to process what was happening before she finally said yes. And then they took a minute, hand in hand soaking in the moment of their first yes of a lifetime of yeses to each other. Congratulations Nicole and Michael! Me and Matthew loved having you both here and are looking forward to having you as friends in the great state of Texas.

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